Phone Training

Do you struggle using your phone sometimes? It’s a more common problem than you think. Even people who tell you they believe their phone is easy to use only use a small fraction of what the phone is actually capable of.

At JG Tech, we offer phone training for both Android devices and iPhone. Our technicians conduct the training and they are all highly skilled, friendly, and engaging.

We can put together a training session for you covering all the main topics of properly operating a phone, or you can tell us the specific things you want to learn, and we’ll tailor the training around that.

Give us a call today to find out more and to book a phone training session.

What We Can Cover

  • General phone operations including all the settings on your phone
  • Setting up and/or resetting your device
  • Backing up your data to the cloud
  • Keeping your phone secure and protecting it from malicious software
  • Camera training to help you take professional-looking photos using your phone
  • Training on the use of specific apps
  • And more

Get a Quote for Phone Training Today

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